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Civilization is currently rejoicing and reflecting amidst the heady holiday season. Many of our brethren will be observing their spiritual rituals with their family and friends. May God’s blessing and grace be with you and all of your loved ones. As for myself, this is an especially magical time with my two children who are so excited about Santa’s visit.

In this festive holiday season, it’s a great time to reflect upon the modern masonic tapestry. Several different and yet similar seasonal rituals have passed and are pending. All of our brethren may be reminded of our altar where three sacred scriptures are available to guide us towards enlightenment.

There are some interesting facts about January, the coldest, darkest month of the calendar year. It’s so cold because the Sun is farthest from us in the Northern Hemisphere. The ruler of the day is also at its lowest angle, shortening the daylight hours. I have a plan to turn up the temperature with some warm fraternal greetings. We are going to brighten the season with an official warm hearted visit to Runnymede Lodge. This is their official visit by District Deputy Grand Master, R.W. Bro. George M. Warner. Please join me in embracing our Runnymede Brethren.

W.Bro Dean Eyford W.M.