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Well brethren it’s been over 3 months since my installation as your elected Master. In my opinion being a Master of a Masonic Lodge is an honour and a privilege. It comes with and incredible task that in order to be successful requires an indefatigable commitment and intense sense of duty. A Master’s primary goal is to ensure the harmony of the Lodge. Even at the best of times, this is no small task. We have many diverse members from all walks of life, we should be proud of that, I certainly am. The age range alone stretches over 60 years between our oldest and youngest members. Our cultural diversity is truly a mosaic, our altar clearly demonstrates that with multiple Holy Books to ponder. Officers and members have a crucial role in preserving the Lodge harmony. They are required to happily perform their duties, remember their obligation and observe the lessons derived from the square and compasses. Thus by working together and keeping the long term health of the Lodge as our primary focus, we can preserve it for generations to come.

The Warden’s Association (WA) regular monthly meeting was recently hosted in our Temple by Killwinning Lodge. Some of members were in attendance, well done. For those officers, looking forward to the East, every possible measure should be made to attend these meetings. They not only provide a means to learn the “behind the scenes” skills needed to Master a Lodge. They bring other officers in the

District together forming bonds and providing mutual support.

The next WA meeting is right here at our Temple. Hosted by Runnymede Lodge, Saturday April 5, 2014. The education topic will be “Special Meeting / Events & Constitution”

The results from the Long Range Planning (LRP) sessions have been tabulated. The baseline for the Lodge has been established to chart our future progress. Thanks to all members that have participated. Our next step is to create the goals unique to Victoria Lodge and create our long range plan.

We have a Past Masters night coming up on Tuesday May 6 2014. This will be quite a night! It used to be a yearly tradition at Victoria Lodge in days gone by. Here’s what to expect. Our current officers, including “yours truly” are replaced with Past Masters. Then these seasoned veterans get to strut their stuff and run the Lodge for the evening. At this meeting they will be performing a third degree for Kyle Muir, should be quite a night.

“A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.”
– Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.