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Here we are, in 2009 with a new website! I’m so honored to be the WM this year for many reasons. There is a new strong energy in our loge and with the new members and officers following me in the chairs there are many hopes. There is a significant increase of interest for Freemasonry around the world. In the past week I saw two shows on TV and listen to one on the radio. In Europe the membership is increasing, in Quebec they just create a new Loge.

Many Loges here are suffering not only with membership but attendance, and politics. We have to remember that we are also the reflect of our society. So it’s normal to have conflicts but it is our duty, as Masons, to work together in peace and close in harmony. The Ritual is our foundation and our perfect ashlar, with this new website we have the tool to enrich our perfect ashlar to be particular to our Loge, by working on our education, increasing our visits, involving our newest members more and creating a better communication among us.

As the world, right now, is lacking integrity, honor, brotherhood and honesty, it is our duty to work as a true and faithful Craftsmen and to show that our hand given, and not only to Masons, is a true pledge of our fidelity. I want to deeply thanks every Brother who participated and made this new website to be alive and useful, but also I want to encourage all Brethren to maintain and uphold the Friendship and the continuous growing of our Loge.

I will finish with one thing we says in French and I’m sure there is the same in English: “…si vieillesse pouvait et si jeunesse savait!!!”…it means “…if the oldest could and the youngest knew!!!”…so our newest Masons can, they have many expectations and a lot of energy to give to the Craft, all our PM’s knows, so they have to inculcate their knowledge to us and show us the paths of virtue and science, so Masonry will keep enlightening our future generations for ever.

Thank you so much Brethren and I’m looking for this new tool.

JP Challet
WM Victoria Loge 474

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