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The oldest Lodge in Canada is St. Andrew’s Lodge # 1, Halifax in the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia. It was also recognised as being the oldest lodge in what used to be called, “The British Commonwealth, overseas”.

It was instituted in 1750, and was called, originally, “First Lodge”, and was  warranted under the St. John’s Grand Lodge of Boston (the then Grand Lodge for New England). It later came under the authority of the then Provincial Grand Lodge of England, and the Provincial Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia.

In 1866, when the Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia was formed, it finally became St. Andrew’s Lodge No. 1. The Lodge is an active one, and meets on the 1st Tuesday in “Freemasons Hall” on Barrington St. in downtown Halifax.

The ritual used is the Ancient York ritual, which is mostly analogous to the Webb ritual used in the USA.

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