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Bro. Sir Winston LEONARD Spencer CHURCHILL (1874 – 1965) was initiated in Studholme Lodge #1591, London, England, and Raised in Rosemary Lodge #2851 on March 25 1902.

Bro. Churchill was 1st Lord of the Admiralty from 1911 – 1915 during the First World War.  In 1940 he was elected Prime Minister of Great Britain,  his pugnacity and rousing speeches inspiring the nation, and the free world, to victory in World War II.  His famous “Iron Curtain” speech was made in 1946. In 1951 he was re-elected Prime Minister and  retired in 1955 at age 80.

In 1953 Churchill was received the order of knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II, and in the same year, was the recipient of the Nobel prize for literature. Amongst his works are six volumes on “The Second World War” and a four volume “A History of the English Speaking Peoples”. Ten years later, on April 9 1963, President John F. Kennedy signed a Congressional bill making Sir Winston an Honorary American citizen, the highest honour that the United States could bestow.

In 1965, on the 100th anniversary of his birth, Britain, the Crown Colonies and Allies of Great Britain issued postage stamps depicting our Brother in his honour.

Bro. Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill is buried at the place of his birth in Blenheim, Oxfordshire, England.

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