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It is a great pleasure for every mason to be in a vibrant lodge with a youthful spirit. The energy and vigour that the young members bring is the driving force of the lodge and the craft in general. However, if that force is without direction, it will disperse in the space around us and instead of bringing improvement, it will bring havoc.

The direction, comes from experience, continuous learning, hard work… and age. The presence of our more expert brethren is the compass that guides us through our masonic journey.

Their experience keeps us within due bounds, their knowledge gives beauty to the ritual we perform, the work they’ve done gives us strength on our path, and their age provides the wisdom that the Great Architect gives mankind only through time.

They are the pillars on which our lodge is built and without them, the fraternity we all hold dear will not be the same. Next time you see them – express your gratitude, not by thanking them for their past work, but by following their guidance and working just as hard as they did.

W. Bro. Andrei Traikovski


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