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The Spring Equinox is approaching – a time of perfect balance between the day and the night, between the darkness and light. It should also serve as a reminder to us that, as masons, we should constantly seek balance in everything we do. Between our public and private avocations, between time spent in work, leisure and time spent in study and prayer.

The 24 IG was the first instrument placed in our hands as masons. It teaches us that we should first measure the work in which we are about to engage, as well as the costs – both material and spiritual.

The day has 24 hours and it should be divided properly between work, prayer, refreshment and rest. Too often the work takes a lot more than it’s allocated time, at the expense of the other three. When that happens the strength of the gavel and the perseverance of the chisel are to little avail, and the work inevitably suffers – we can’t achieve balance and we cannot hope to reach our potential.

Fraternally, W. Bro. Andrei Traikovski

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