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Let’s eat granddad.
Let’s eat, granddad.

Proper grammar can save a life.

Communication is, and always has been, at the heart of life on Earth. Grammar, our theme this month, sets the framework of communication so that we can clearly understand each other.

We’re all familiar with the power of language to connect people and to move people, to rally crowds to anger and to soothe a troubled soul. As an elegant system of letters, words, punctuation and sentences, grammar sets the stage for all of these situations and more.

We tend to take it for granted – at least until we find ourselves learning a new language, or teaching our children how to read or write. That’s when the complexity, and the beauty, of it all truly comes into focus.

Becoming proficient at using grammar properly is one of the pillars of success in life, as communication is a key leadership trait.

At our February 5 meeting, Bro James Andrews will present a lecture on Grammar. We would love to see you at lodge that night if you are able to attend.

Fraternal regards,
W. Bro. Christopher Hebert

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