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“May your life be like arithmetic – joys added, sorrow subtracted, friends multiplied, love undivided.” – Anonymous

The history of arithmetic – our theme this month – goes back tens of thousands of years. Did humans invent numbers and the manipulation of them? Or are they part of the fabric of the universe and we just discovered them? My personal view leans towards the latter.

Although we generally take arithmetic for granted, it’s astonishing if you think about how much we encounter on an average day – counting change at Tim Horton’s, figuring out how long it will take to drive to a meeting, calculating how much meat you should buy for a dinner party – the list is very long.

Thus, arithmetic is critical to our life on this spinning planet. So whether it’s through sodoku puzzles, doing calculations by hand instead of reaching for a calculator – or by another mental challenge – it should be important to all of us to keep our arithmetic skills sharp and keen.

At the March 5th Emergent Meeting, Bro Joshua Bennett will present a lecture on Arithmetic. We hope you can join us.

Fraternal regards,
W Bro Christopher Hebert

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